Nawa Girls Golf Academy


The Nawa Girls Golf Academy (NGGA) is a great initiative created by  two sisters Melissa and Tina Nawa. The academy started on the 4th of January 2014. In the Nawa girls own words the academy is “A company started specifically to impact the youth in Zambia focusing on the girl child.”


Although the NGGA does not have a concrete sponsor yet but has received assistance from euro Africa bus services, the girls have gone on and played 3 major tournaments in  Mufulira, Lusaka and Mazabuka.


The academy as at now has girls from ages 7 to 23 years old.


The aim of the Academy is to focus the girls time and energy  on something  beneficial that is the sport of golf .
The NGGA has targeted girls mainly from underprivileged backgrounds. The girls are involved in an intense golf instructing program to enable them play competition golf all around the world as the Nawa sisters do.


Lisa-Sue is excited to let you  guys in on stuff like this. Young people doing awesome things in Zambia and through out Africa. What are your dreams and goals? have you written it down? what are you doing to achieve them.
We hope your blown!
*Potential sponsors! You want in on this too.



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